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We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between Edmund Choo Photography and Kaiby Box, aimed at enhancing your experience with both brands.

Offer Details: Secure any newborn photoshoot package at Edmund Choo Photography (min. $488), and you will be entitled to receive $50 in Kaiby Credits. These credits can be redeemed for baby gifts at Kaiby Box's official online store (

Terms and Conditions:

1. During the photoshoot, a special photograph featuring a Kaiby Box will be taken. We kindly request that you share this image on your active Instagram account.

2. Follow our instagram (Edmund Choo Photography)

3. Give us a google/Facebook review

Legal Notice: By participating in this promotion, you are granting explicit consent for Edmund Choo Photography and Kaiby Box to utilise the photograph for marketing purposes.

We invite you to seize this opportunity to create lasting memories while benefiting from exclusive offers. To secure your appointment, please book your slot at your earliest convenience.

To redeem the free $50 credits, do proceed to Kaiby Box’s website via the link below:

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